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Friday, June 17, 2011

Piaget and buses.

My Yr 10s have worked very hard today but we are disadvantaged by my classroom's proximity to the school's bus lane. From 2.20 to 2.40 we live on the edge and the strange acoustics don't give us any warning. Woosh! Out of nowhere a red coloured tornado flies past the window.

“BUS!” shouts Matthew.

Two minutes later the bus has turned round and wooshes past again.

“BUS!” shouts Matthew.

When I was a student-teacher we learnt about the development of cognitive thinking in children via the writings of a Frenchman called Piaget. His three year old daughter was having trouble distinguishing between "slug", "same slug" and "different slug" in the garden. I have managed to apply this principle to Matthew. He now shouts "BUS." and two minutes later "SAME BUS." Matthew is 15.

One feels tax-payers money isn't being entirely wasted on the education of children in the area.

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  1. Ye gods - it's years since I thought about Jean Piaget. I did a series of spatial awareness tests one summer holiday which involved pouring a liquid from a beaker into a large container and then a smaller container and seeing if the child realised it was the same amount of water. Only a couple of them did - the rest claimed that there was more water in the smaller container than in the large one.

    I wonder if I could use this in the theology of the Real Presence in bread and wine ......