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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Daily Mail Song and Melanie Phillips

Oh look: there she is on Fox News. Says it all really.

I am constantly warning my charges to be selective about what they:
a) Read
b) Believe
as far as newspapers are concerned. This sort of proves my point. If you aren't British - and even if you are - never try to use the Daily Mail to win an argument.

As a case in point I give you the redoubtable Melanie Phillips, "journalist", from yesterday's edition I find this intersting, not so much because of her editorial style which is as predictable as ever, but because, judging by the on-line comments, she really missed the public mood. When the readers of the Daily Fail turn on a neo-con "journalist" in this way, the end of the world (at least as we know it) must be nigh.


  1. So, Sir, will you be part of the jihad on Thursday? I say go for it.

    I loved the video.

  2. Oh yes! The school is shut despite Pob's bullying e-mail to the Boss. I shall be demonstrating.

  3. Some of us in another profession have had our pension qualifying periods altered along with extended working years ... and we don't have any opportunity to strike/demonstrate. I find my sympathies for this present broo-haha somewhat jaded. I shall also be going in to our local Primary in a few minutes to do my regular stint of listening to youngsters read.


  4. So you've had a rough time which makes you unsympathetic to others having a rough time? How exactly does that work?

    Surely we should all be protesting to make sure that people like you get a better deal. We can't do that if government have stuffed us all to badly paraphrase Niemoller.