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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Various perspectives on public unrest

Wolverhampton Wanderers have just signed a new Italian striker - Grabatelli.

This is a passanger announcement. For those alighting at Wolverhampton, the nearest branch of JJB Sports is 150 yards to the right of the main station exit.

In Wolverhampton, rioters and looters have done £3.6m worth of improvements.

The Metro offered us some Blitz spirit with
Clapham broom picture goes viral as Londoners defy looters

Alternatively, for those wishing to avoid further displays of British phlegm, you might find Zoe Williams' article on the psychology of looting an interesting read in Thre Guardian. How can you cease to beleieve in law and order, a moral universe, co-operation, the purpose of existence, and yet still believe in sportswear?

Taking an alternative approach, Camila Batmanghelidjh, writing in The Independent, offers The insidious flourishing of anti-establishment attitudes is paradoxically helped by the establishment. It grows when a child is dragged by their mother to social services screaming for help and security guards remove both; or in the shiny academies which, quietly, rid themselves of the most disturbed kids.

Nothing newsworthy from Leeds or Bradford I am proud to say.


  1. "The feds" - ? You lot have been watching way too much American television over there.

  2. It's The Wire, Innit though?