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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In praise of Sat-Nav

I am now the proud owner of a satellite navigation system. There's posh then. Notwithstanding the apocryphal stories of people being sent up one way streets, through fords and down back alleys I thought it was time. If I have to aplogise to my friends once more as the lunch spoils for getting lost in Bradford I may not be able to hold my head up.

My sat-nav's voice is that of a firm but kind English lady. I understand I can play with gender, accents and even languages but as I can't find the manual just now, that may have to wait. I'm interested to see how my driving might change if I am being given directions from an excitable Italian or a firm German. I'd like to improve my grasp of other languages in everyday situations too, so I wonder if I can get that Czech actress who does the Prague transport system on the machine. In fairness I'd probably still get lost but with a voice like that for company, who cares?

My beloved and I went to Ilkley the other day. It's a journey we've done lots of times before and so it was a good opportunity to try the technology. I was impressed. My guide was so patient: when our own local knowledge led us to take a different route from the one on offer I was half expecting to hear a sharp intake of breath and to be told in no uncertain terms to shape up and concentrate. Who did I think I was to use my own initiative? It was nothing of the sort: her gentle voice calmly suggested an alternative to get me back on the original route offered. I was driving a car, had chosen a different route and the female voice beside me chose not to have a row. I like this.

"It's unconditional love." my beloved offered, a woman herself so pathologically polite that she wouldn't talk over the sat-nav's spoken advice because to do so would be rude.

My sat-nav's persona needs a name. I shall ponder this.


  1. Mine is Mary Poppins. (The girl child named her. ;-)

    She is much more pleasant than the American voice that was the default for my GPS. That one sounded perpetually pissed off at me.

    Mary Poppins has one odd characteristic--she has a great deal of difficulty pronouncing words that have an "R" followed by an "CH" or an "SH." She cannot say the word "Church" to save her life.

    I told my British neighbor that I knew Brits didn't go to church, but I wasn't aware that they were forbidden to say the word! ;-)

  2. In honour of my Sikh friends we've decided on Satvinder.