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Friday, October 14, 2011

Get rich quick scam

I started the day with Yr 7 yesterday. I like Yr 7 very much. They are eleven and they make me laugh.

"Sir, I'm ever so sorry but I've lost my pen. Could you lend me one?"

Now, anticipating that kids would, from time to time, lose a pen or have their pen run out on them, I have been buying packs of biros. (There are always also, of course, the willfully penless.)

I can do better than that. I can sell you one for 10p. Brand new and never been used. Guaranteed to last quite a while.

Lexie looks doubtful until I show her the pen. It is a basic plastic biro but the plastic is silver.

I can see her mind working. The turning cogs reveal the thought process which include the words "shiny" and "pretty".

"Can I buy two?"

Certainly. It's always good to have a spare.

"Sir, can I buy one too?"

"And me?"

"Sir can you change a pound? Never mind I'll have 10."

"Can I get one for my mum?"

Word travels fast.

"Sir, have you got any of those silver pens?"

The boys in Yr 9 think they look futuristic and a bit space-agey. My bottom set Yr 11 just think they are cool.

"I've not had a pen all year so far." confides one. "But I like this."

"Yeah, its a bit like mirror." my Barbie look-alike observes.

As I watch her peering at it and preening her hair, I ponder how she intends to put on more lippy using a metalic silver biro as a mirror. She succeeds admirably.

As I walk to the car park at the end of the day I realise I am listing to the left.

I am richer by £4.20. Mainly in 10p pieces.

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  1. Tomorrow they'll be selling them in the playground for 20p