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Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I am not cut out to be a form tutor.

Well, here we are at the end of week two and I feel like I need a holiday. I'm clearly not up to this teaching lark at my age! (Poor old bugger!)

I have a Yr 10 form group to look after while their regular form tutor is on maternity leave and they are very nice (well, mainly). There is the child who has to have her bag searched every morning for knives and she shouldn't be left alone with a male teacher, but that said, she seems like a nice girl.

Every week we have a form quiz. My colleagues in the same house have taken me on one side and given me the hard word already about how rubbish my form are and how they let the side down with their lamentable knowledge. My friend Jodie is particularly scathing. "Get 'em sorted or else."

What to do?

Easy: I log on and look up all the answers so that I can perhaps drop subtle hints. After all how on earth am I expected to know such trivia as the real name of Captain America? (House points to anyone who leaves a correct answer).

O.K Folks. Which of the following is the birth year of Barak Obama: 1959, 1961 or 1963?


1961? Well done. See it's easy.

What is the only anagram of "English"?

Silence. (Now this is a hard one.) So I give them a clue.

Think stones on a beach.

"Mernerner." (This apparently means "I don't know." Go on, try the intonation.)

"Oh, oh, I know. Pebbles."

Dear God!

Has she had her baby yet?


  1. Captain America is Steve Rogers. (I have an unfair advantage. You can't be an American comics fan and NOT know this.)

  2. I can so sympathise. Back for two weeks and I went back to bed this afternoon to recover:)(Oh,and I am one of the ones who love the job!)

  3. And its a house point to the man at the top. Well done.

  4. well it's not a house point for me, I had no idea what year Barack Obama was born, moreover, my brane is unlikely to retain this information after I leave Sir's blog, I'm afraid. Also, "shingle" took me a couple of minutes. Maybe I'm having a slow Saturday?

  5. I still wake up from a nightmare that I we are 2 weeks in to term and I have forgotton to register the kids everyday. Haven't taught for 17years so what is that all about?

  6. She has to have her bag searced for knives? Rather you than me!