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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Temperature, DFS and a new corridor

So, here at the Knowledge College it continues to be cold. I overheard this between two kids today.

"It was -13 where I live last night."

"That's nothing, It was -4 at my house."

Erm ... I blame the maths staff.

I taught Yr 7 today. They are all a bit dippy. Sweet but needy and I love them all. Well, not Braden obviously.

We were watching a video extract and I didn't switch it off in time before the adverts appeared. The first one was for the furniture retailer DFS.

"DFS. DFS. Desparate for Sex. Hahahahaha."

"Go and stand outside Braden."

"But Sir, it's snowing."

"I know. Desparate for Silence."

Over the Christmas break they shaved some room from two big classrooms to make a new corridor in a problem area where it's always congested. Oh the excitement has been palpable.

"Where are you off to?"

"Maths Sir."

"It's the other way."

"But I want to use the new corridor."

It's like going on an escalator with a three year old.

The staff have been just as bad.


  1. That's a gorgeous corridor! Over here we call them halls. Yes we also call large gathering rooms halls, too. We've bastardized many perfectly good English words.

  2. We've so many bastards, hence the abuse of our language ;)